Senator’s credit card gets hacked, used to buy food worth P1 million

Senator’s credit card gets hacked, used to buy food worth P1 million. Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian shared on Twitter last Tuesday,

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Senator’s credit card gets hacked, used to buy food worth P1 million.
Lauriat para sa barangay?' Gatchalian says hacker used his credit card to spend P1M on Food Panda |

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian. credit:

Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian shared on Twitter last Tuesday, that his credit card got hacked and was used to pay P1 million worth of food via a delivery app. It was evident he was dumbfounded by what happened as he tweeted, “My credit card has just been hacked! Someone ordered P1M worth of food at Food Panda in less than an hour. What is that lauriat (Chinese feast) for the whole barangay???”
Attached to his tweet was photos of receipts of the purchases made with sums of P300,851, P356,517, P323,247 and P96,265 given to his by the bank as he starts investigating the hacker’s purchases. Sen. Gatchalian says in a virtual interview, “It is important to investigate and trace who (is/are the hacker/hackers). My point is, it’s not just us, there are many more, I’m sure these hackers will not stop, they will continue to victimize, especially now we have the pandemic and many users online.”
Sen. Gatchalian recalled the incident on Tuesday at around 2pm when a text alert was sent to him about a change in the phone number from the credit card company. Unfortunately, he was presiding over a hybrid hearing by the Senate at the time and was not able to respond accordingly. It was after the hearing that he realized that the hacker had apparently changed the phone number connected to his credit card and was confirming purchases using a different number, ““Apparently the hacker managed to change my number, and when an OTP (one-time pin) was sent to confirm the purchases, the hacker was confirming them and ordered from Food Panda.”
The Senator admitted it was the first time he experienced victimized by hackers and had made him open his eyes to how crime can be innovative nowadays. He said in a statement, “What’s important here is not the credit limit but the security technology of the bank even if your credit limit is small. It is still a problem. What’s important for me is the security technology or the technology that makes sure the bank is not hacked.”
He realized that these kinds of crimes must be evident during the pandemic as he said, “Let’s also see the reporting processes which is also very important. Me, I am in a position, but how about the ordinary people with a credit limit, like P10,000. Is it easy for them to complain? Are these banks paying attention to them?”
He plans to catch the hackers and started by filing a formal complaint with the Valenzuela City Police.