5 businesses owned by inspiring Pinay lady bosses that started during pandemic

5 businesses owned by inspiring Pinay lady bosses that started during pandemic. It is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic no

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📷credit: clockwise from top: Lash Party Ph (@lashpartyph), Bare (@barebyarmy), Nyalas Homemade (@nyalashomemade). Celebrity Greetings Ph (@celebritygreetingsph), CD VA Marketing (@virtualasstph).

5 businesses owned by inspiring Pinay lady bosses that started during pandemic.
It is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic not only brought health threats but also affected businesses and the economy. Refusing to succumb to hopelessness and financial problems, these Pinays have stood up and started side hustles that have helped them sustain their daily expenses throughout these trying times.
1. Army Villapando
Marketing Manager now owner of BARE
Instagram: @barebyarmy
Army was a Marketing Manager but like everybody else she had to look for ways to earn and sustain their needs. Bare was launched in 2017 but Army struggled in doing everything alone so when she had to work from home, she had the help of her boyfriend and re launched their fashion line. It was a challenge with many clothing brands starting to pop up especially during the pandemic so they had to think of ways to make their brand unique and stand out. Her advice to other Pinays out there, “Just do it. You have an idea? Build on it! If you’re spiritual, pray about it… A LOT. You’ll honestly never be 100 percent ready. Yes prepare but also, don’t overthink it.”
2. Chezca Dayrit
Social Media Manager, now owner of Chezca Dayrit VA & Marketing
Instagram: virtualasstph
Chezca was a Social Media Manager working 9-5, but when the pandemic hit, she decided to launch her own virtual assistance business. She’s proud to have launched her own business having her own pace and time without the hassle of commuting to work everyday. Meeting clients virtually was a little bit new to her at first but after a while she had overcome the challenge. Her advice to everyone out there who is thinking of launching their own VA business is, “The best time to start is NOW. Take time to learn your passion and skills, and make money from it! Nothing beats doing what you love, and earning from it!
3. Toni Ann Nebreja
Flight Attendant, now owner of Lash Party
Instagram: @lashpartyph
Toni Ann had always planned to launch her own cosmetic lash line and when the Aviation Industry was forced to lay off its employees because of the pandemic, I gave way for Toni Ann to start her business. It was a real stretch for her from being on the move Flight Attendant to staying at home and managing her online business but she explains that it had released a creative side of her that she could never explore when she’s in-flight. Like most small business owners, she had doubts herself if she could handle managing her business but in the end she managed to face her fears and put her ideas into execution. Her hopes other Pinays who are thinking of being in the online beauty industry to, “believe in yourself and honor your own pace. The first step to success is to believe in your capabilities. The process is never easy, you will be tested in all ways possible and you will only have yourself most days so believe that you can and you will.”
4. Nicole Ceballos
Makeup Artist, now owner of Nyala’s Homemade Cookies
Instagram: @nyalashomemade
Nicole is a makeup artist but aside from that she’s selling cookies to two establishments to make do for the funds she needs for her dogs. However, when the pandemic came, she had to focus on selling homemade cookies online as a source of income. Mass gathering events are not allowed and often times people are scared of hiring other people who could be exposed to the virus so her job as a makeup artist had to be on pause. She shares, “Even before the pandemic, I’ve been selling cookies on the side to a small network of customers and two establishments. At the time, it was for extra funds for my dogs’ veterinary care (surgeries, cancer, general maintenance), and a productive break from the rigors of being a makeup artist.”
One particular challenge was the big shift she had to do when the pandemic came. She was focused on being the supplier of coffee shops and different cafes so any advertising plans on her part – like social media, was not on the list of her things to do, but when the pandemic hit, she had to learn how to deal with customers online, looking for new suppliers, building a social media presence and planning content. She had to rework her baking schedule and booking riders to deliver her goods. She also left a good advice for Pinays who are starting their own small business, “Huwag mahiyang rumaket. There’s this stigma na pag rumaraket, gipit or nangangailangan, like it’s a bad thing. You should be proud that if you need extra money, you’re willing to work for it.”
5. Alex Natividad
Marketing Director now owns Celebrity Greetings PH
Instagram: @celebritygreetingsph
Alex Natividad was formerly in the wedding industry handling bridal fairs and marketing executions however, when the industry had to put on hold when the pandemic came, she had to think of another way to support herself and her family.
Apparently, the idea of launching this kind of business had already been on her mind but they did not have the courage to take the first step until their bridal fair had to get canceled in May so she started working on her idea and launched her website in June. They started looking for partners, learning the business and sending proposals online. Her advice to other Pinays who were struggling like her, “I say go for it! If you’re planning to start a business or raket, it should be something you’re passionate about so you won’t feel like you’re working every day. Starting a new business or a side hustle can be really time-consuming and stressful, but if it’s something you like doing already then it won’t feel like work. Also, invest your time and money wisely so you can reap something great in the future.”