Ivana Alawi’s latest prank serves as an eye opener to all and calls a random stranger, ‘tatay’ after what he did.

Ivana Alawi’s latest prank serves as an eye opener to all and calls a random stranger, ‘tatay’ after what he did. Famous vlogger and actress, I

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Ivana Alawi’s latest prank serves as an eye opener to all and calls a random stranger, ‘tatay’ after what he did.

Famous vlogger and actress, Ivana Alawi, once again delivered a prank that instead of being funny, elicits happiness towards the people she pranked.

We’ve all known how generous Ivana can be from her past vlogs and news about her. Remember when she did a vlog in tribute to Lloyd Cadena, donated relief goods during lockdown, and her prank that gives away money and helmets to delivery riders. All these efforts to help Filipinos in her own way.


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She’s also hailed as part of “Women of 2020” by Philippine Information Agency’s infographic last year. She’s also a top YouTube influencer in the Philippines with her channel gaining 11.5 million subscribers.

📷credit: @ivanalawi Instagram

She knows how to use her influence wisely and for a good cause. Just recently, she uploaded a vlog in which she will be playing a prank on random strangers in the street. Alawi disguised herself in shabby clothes and put on a darker shade of foundation for a darker skin. She also donned a wig and wore a mask. She carried a Baguio tote bag and a sign-board made of carton scrap to complete her look.

Ivana Alawi in disguise. 📷credit: Ivana Alawi YouTube

In the start of her video, she explained that she will be begging for coins on random strangers on the street. If she receives some coins, she’ll multiply the amount by 1,000 and return the money to the stranger. This statement alone probably made viewers feel dumbfounded.

Ivana Alawi sign-board make of scrap carton. 📷credit: Ivana Alawi YouTube

Pretending to be a beggar stuck in the city with no money, she started asking for coins from people she passes by. Claiming she needed the money to get home to ‘Baguio’, there really were some people who were kind-hearted enough to share some of their meager earnings.

The first few people who helped her gave her two-peso and five-peso coins. Of course, Alawi targeted people who seemed to be in need of money. This way, she’ll truly be helping people. She continued to return the coins a thousand fold until she unexpectedly meets an old man sitting by the concrete, selling kutsinta. A local delicacy in the Philippines.

She starts asking for spare coins, and the man gives her a 20-peso bill. Alawi felt it was too much and asked the man why but the man shrugs it off, still oblivious to who he was being kind to. He asked her if she had already eaten, and when Alawi says no the man proceeds to give her kutsinta and even offers to buy her a soda. Alawi proceeds to talk to him asking about his family and the man readily tells stories about himself.

Tatay Joselito Martinez. 📷credit: Ivana Alawi YouTube

Alawi starts calling him, ‘tatay’ because he is just too kind and the man had already shown her kindness a father would have. The man who is Joselito Martinez, agrees for her to call him ‘tatay’, and reasons that everybody does anyway.

Alawi starts crying, touched by the man’s kind heart, knowing he just shared his meager earnings with her, gave her food that he was supposed to be selling, offered her a soda and told her stories about himself. The video ended quite unexpected and she even pointed out that there are still kind people out there who would help a person in need however they could.